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Read ‘Atlas’ for guidance

While Sen. John Goedde’s “Atlas Shrugged” required reading idea may be a bit extreme, I do wish people would read this book. Yes, Ayn Rand’s philosophizing can get a bit deep, but I would hope people could learn from it what I did: foremost, that you cannot consume more than you produce, and that government-attempted control of private businesses can be catastrophic.

See what happens in the book to the railroads, other critical industries and ultimately the United States, when the government passes laws for the businesses’ “own good.”

Recently, Congress has said that it may stop the Postal Service from making any changes in service, to prevent it from losing more customers. I’m not sure how stopping Saturday deliveries would do this, but this should be the worry of the Postal Service, which is, after all, an independent agency.

Once you have read “Atlas Shrugged,” you will never again want to say, “There oughta be a law.”

Karen Buck

Spokane Valley


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