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Created another farmer

Most of the way through Super Bowl this year, the well-recognized voice of Paul Harvey started referring to common subjects known to the people who toil with the land.

In 1951, my father purchased a small farm, which had been his lifelong dream since growing up working on farms in Oregon. Many years prior “God had created a farmer,” and I reluctantly was included.

With my father’s untimely death, the work was passed on to me. The more I did on the farm and worked with the animals, the more I appreciated the benefits of farming. So “God created a farmer.”

As Harvey continued with each of his points, it brought flashback memories of working on the farm, some sentimental and all happy. I was hoping that all other agricultural people were able to feel the same pride that I felt.

At the conclusion, my son Gabe – who has been an immense aid with the daily operation of the farm, even though he has a busy career of his own – approached me, we clicked our beers together, smiled and had a swig. At that time I knew … “God had created another farmer.”

Jim Cole



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