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Thu., Feb. 21, 2013, midnight

Fending off tyranny

Kenneth Mondal (Jan. 18) was correct that the musket was the weapon of choice when the Second Amendment was written – written to protect us from the possibility of a tyrannical government with the same weapons as the citizens. Many citizens feel that a tyrannical government is not that far off today. The amendment was written just as we had fought a war against a tyrannical government.

It’s pretty difficult to picture us fighting a tyrant today armed with muskets against a government armed with missile-equipped drones, etc.

As for his not feeling safe as he comes home from church, mall or school, remember: Criminals do not obey gun laws, and maybe he should get a permit to carry the handgun he has at home. It’s either that or move to Chicago, where they have the gun laws that he wants. I’m sure he will be safe there.

MS-13, a gang of illegal aliens, alone have a membership of over 30,000, dealing drugs and weapons in every major city in the country. These are homeland terrorists that should be put on a deserted island to fend for themselves for life. Get this done and just maybe I’ll get rid of my weapons.

Dan Griffith

Kingston, Idaho

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