February 22, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Help for the distressed


Many believe that government investing in mental health care is the solution to counter gun violence in America. Realize that most murders are a result of anger, depression, jealousy, revenge, infidelity, greed, drugs, alcohol, fraud, etc. Murders that are a result of mental illness are usually determined after the crime. How can you determine mental illness unless we are all examined? Temporary insanity can occur in a moment, hour, or day.

Our best solution is likely to focus on an expanded crisis hotline and public service announcements encouraging people under extreme stress to seek alternative methods to avoid disasters, and to realize that time can heal all wounds, and that life is too wonderful to throw away in a moment of stress.

Citizens arming to overthrow our government are scarier than any foreign enemy, with millions of military assault weapons in America readying to take down our government. It appears that this is the destiny of our democracy, freedom and our great American nation. Our enemies need not concern themselves with defeating and destroying America. We’ll likely self-implode.

Allan LeTourneau


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