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Sat., Jan. 5, 2013

Commentary was profound

Sharon Clegg’s Dec. 30 guest opinion is one of the most profound and beautifully written commentaries I have ever read. Her journey raising two mentally ill sons was one with which many of us could empathize.

It is difficult to raise sons today in the best of circumstances. Many families do not have fathers in the home, and those who do can still have difficulty. Who knows why some mental illnesses prevail in some families? It seems many times the mothers are the ones left caring for these troubled children who alienate other family members.

Society has shunned the possibility of providing care for those who need special help. Thus they are ending up in jail or sleeping under bridges – easy prey. Sometimes, the mentally ill are those who prey upon others. Parents live in fear for their own safety should their children retaliate against them.

The Newtown crisis has been co-opted by those who have an agenda of dismantling our Bill of Rights. Their privileged children are in schools with armed guards. They have armed guards protecting them.

The rest of us have to fend for ourselves. We live in interesting times – weeping with those who weep.

Donna Kuhn


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