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Sat., Jan. 12, 2013, midnight

Judicial system fails us

In response to the Dec. 31 cartoon entitled “The Root of Evil” by Michael Ramirez, I am in total agreement with his assessment of contributing factors toward gun violence. However, I would like to add one component that I feel is of utmost importance, this being the failure of our judicial system to dealing out punishment to offenders that fits the crime.

How many times do we see a person arrested for some horrific crime that has an extensive criminal background? Certain individuals need to be incarcerated to never walk the streets again, while those with mental problems need to be placed in facilities to receive help and not feed on the public.

The judicial/political climate makes law-abiding citizens fear for their safety and place little trust in the courts. And we wonder why the people are taking to arm themselves. It may not be the best solution, but the people are simply fed up.

Robert Johnson


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