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Sun., Jan. 13, 2013

Drug story too late

As I read the excellent, extensive Jan. 6 article by Scott Maben “Drug Pipeline,” I became aware for the first time of all of the various ways this new initiative that passed this last November impacts all of us.

However, I am disappointed. My question is: Why in the world wasn’t this factual article published prior to the vote this fall? My vote would have been the same “no” do not legalize marijuana, and quite possibly enough voters would also have voted against the legislation. Thus, we would not have to be facing this very serious problem today.

It is unbelievable the impact this has on our lives. Maben’s article states “we are talking major crime here.” He goes on to report deputies’ encounters with stolen vehicles and guns, human trafficking, kidnapping – and more – that they can attribute in one way or the other to drug money.

It is chilling and upsetting. I wished we were reading this prior to the vote.

Judith Rupert

Spokane Valley

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