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Guns make it easier

I keep hearing people repeating the phrase “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Maybe. But it seems much more accurate in my opinion to say that “Guns kill people so people don’t have to.” The reason I say this is because if killing someone had to be done with knives or blunt objects, it would be a more visceral experience and probably discouraging for most people who are intent on killing.

Most of us who have fired a gun know that it is easy to do. How can anybody debate this? This tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School would not have occurred without an assault weapon. Too many of these things are being built every day. Is it any wonder when the gun does what it is built to do?

We need to make sure these weapons stay where they belong: in the military. Everyone seems so intent upon circumnavigating the simple truth about guns. They are built for no other reason than to kill people. Is it so improbable when that occurs?

I am not saying Adam Lanza should be exonerated for his actions, only that his damage was compounded well beyond his capabilities because of his access to guns. Not video games. Guns.

Aaron Smith



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