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Sun., Jan. 27, 2013

Hillary Clinton for president

No doubt exists after the Jan. 23 stunning testimonials on Capitol Hill that Hillary Clinton is the choice for the Democratic nomination in 2016. She proved in those hearings that she has no baggage left against her, and her debate skills are phenomenal.

No Republican can beat her in the polls. In a recent ABC poll, 57 percent of all Americans support a Clinton run for the presidency. Her advantage also carries over to the Electoral College, where Clinton could conceivably win in a 400-plus electoral vote landslide. This is largely due to her support within the Obama 2008 map (a stunning 359 votes), as well as her support in traditionally “red” states.

Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and West Virginia all have Democratic majorities in party identity who would vote for a Democrat like Clinton. Between her vast popularity in the North and her husband’s popularity with Southern Democrats, it is quite possible that she would pick off several of these red states.

The Democrats need Hillary, as every other contender is a Northeastern Democrat, who have had historically bad electoral outcomes. Hillary, though hailing from New York, has a presence in the South that the Democrats just can’t pass up. We need Hillary.

Jake Vasilj


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