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Tue., Jan. 29, 2013, midnight

House doing its part

Shawn Vestal used his Jan. 18 column to bash Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and House Republicans for passing legislation, only to see it die at the door of the Senate. When asked via Twitter if he would be equally harsh on the Senate, Vestal said “stunt budgets are a waste of time.” It is hardly a waste of time for the House to hold hearings, to listen to their constituents and to pass budgets and jobs legislation addressing their concerns. The House is holding up their end of the legislative branch.

The Senate Democrats, including Sen. Patty Murray as a key part of the Senate leadership team, haven’t passed a budget since the iPad was invented. They have not taken up jobs legislation passed by the House for conference committee discussion. Their rationale: Since they can’t guarantee the outcomes, they won’t play. This denies the country an opportunity to compare priorities between the two chambers, but it sure does keep Democrats’ records clean for the next election.

When Murray comes up for re-election in 2014, ask her about the Senate’s blank record of no accomplishment. We apparently can’t rely on Vestal to ask tough questions of a Democrat.

Sue Lani Madsen

Edwall, Wash.

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