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Freedom to choose

Jim Paget freely expressed (July 5) his religious belief about abortion. Thanks to the Bill of Rights, he may continually use his freedom of speech and religion. No one can force the women in his life to have abortions.

Wendy Davis of the Texas Legislature has the same constitutional rights to express beliefs; she speaks for every woman of child-bearing age.

Every woman’s religious rights are as guaranteed as Paget’s. The majority of Texans, the Republican majority in their Legislature, and Gov. Rick Perry, should be upholding an individual woman’s right to choose life. However, that life may be the life of a pregnant woman. Only she and her doctor can decide, based on the woman’s religion – not anybody else’s – whether continuing the pregnancy is dangerous to her or her family’s well-being.

Another may try to change her beliefs; another must not force her to do so by passing laws that violate those beliefs.

Nina Elo


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