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Sun., July 14, 2013

Jesus, the liberal

I was chagrined to see the full page ad on July 4 espousing a “Christian” nation founded on “Christian” beliefs, citing the Declaration of Independence that “they are endowed by their creator …” as a primary “fact,” among others, that Christianity is the basis for this country.

Whose creator are we talking about? Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Jain or Zoroastrian? Your creator is not Jesus, or even “God” necessarily. Could it be Zarathustra, or Mahavirapuram or Siddhartha?

Thomas Jefferson, who penned those words, was a Unitarian, or Deist, as was Ben Franklin, and did not believe in the trinity or divinity of Jesus. This country was not founded on any particular moral or religious theory; it was founded on principles of equality and law, including specific separation of church and state.

If the thesis of a Christian nation is true, then we would take care of the poor and homeless, heal the sick, protect the minorities and treat everyone equally.

Unfortunately, many Christian-right politicians have their own agenda, which does not include those particular principles. If He were alive today, Jesus would be a liberal and respect everyone’s views, not just his own.

Ed Simpson

Spokane Valley

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