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Mon., July 15, 2013

Wind power not worth it

Proponents of wind power in this state are under the illusion that this power is clean, green and just a wonderful solution to the electrical needs of this populace. These turbines are a blight on the beautiful landscape of the Palouse. The spindly, disgusting towers litter the grand scale of the Columbia Gorge. They generate nothing but visual pollution.

Our dams provide all the power needed in this state. Wind power will never produce on the scale of hydropower. Oh, there is no doubt Paul Gaynor is lining his pockets with cash, as are the few farmers from this travesty that was forced upon us. The governor is less than intelligent when it comes to understanding the true meaning of “green.” Give me a break! Is anybody paying attention here?

The governor and Gaynor will be long gone when these poorly designed, ultra-high-maintenance nightmares are left rusting like monster hood ornaments on the landscape. Do you really think our power bills will benefit from this mess? Where are the real facts on the cost-benefit ratios?

Build them in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma; anywhere but here. It’s not worth it, people.

Chris Wright

Newport, Wash.

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