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Integrity First misnamed

I read with interest the July 12 article about the four retired deputies challenging Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich’s leadership. Integrity First; interesting name. I personally think the sheriff could have taken out a copyright on the term.

Let me get this right: The sheriff is too tough on officer wrongdoing? Ozzie’s trying to clean up a department that had too many instances of abuse, lies and misdeeds and a culture of looking the other way. Doesn’t that show integrity?

It sounds like Integrity First is proud of an officer who, in a childish reaction to a comment made by a motorist, stabs a car seat and writes nine infractions.

I would think an officer would think first about abusing a mentally ill person after the Otto Zehm debacle. Jumping jacks, indeed.

I have spoken to Knezovich and found him to be professional, articulate and sincere. He even seemed happy to meet my two grandsons at the Valley Mall one day.

I think the citizens of Spokane County are lucky to have a man of this caliber to be serving us. I hope all of us will support him in his endeavors to bring and keep the Sheriff’s Department the best.

Jack Bean

Spokane Valley


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