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Sat., July 27, 2013

Making the wrong cuts

Explain this! The poor, the underprivileged and the elderly are doomed beyond our belief. The health care and the food stamps program were established just for the poor and the poor working class. If our elected politicians want to cut the deficit, why us?

Why don’t they cut their medical for which the taxpayers foot the bills, along with a sneaky raise whenever they sneeze, and the lavish vacations. As it is, if one makes over a dollar above their standard, then a huge spend down is dealt to us (like $900 or more) before we can even get Medicaid to help us get medical attention or prescriptions paid for.

They want to use us to cut the deficit so they can keep their money or rake in the savings from us. How were these people re-elected?

The Bible says people will not perish from the Earth. They are perishing little by little.

Dorothy Payne

Spokane Valley

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