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Let us speak for ourselves

I couldn’t help but be perplexed and somewhat amused by Paul Carpenter’s use of the pronoun “our” in his July 21 letter to the editor. Carpenter, who is a Colville resident, was venting his concerns about the Spokane City Council’s proposed changes to gun-buying ordinances within the city itself.

The last time I drove to Colville, it was 74 miles away and not even in the same county. I can only assume that the “our” reference to Second Amendment rights and tax money is toward those of us who actually live inside the Spokane city limits, who can vote on local leadership or social and political issues and pay taxes on our property, utilities and retail purchases.

Of course, Carpenter does have a right to weigh in on just about anything he chooses. This is America. However, he should speak for himself as a Colville resident and don’t presume to be a spokesperson for “our” concerns as actual taxpaying residents of Spokane.

Len Hershman



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