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Cops stereotyped again

After favorable newspaper reviews, I decided to take a break from Turner Classic Movies to see “The Place Beyond the Pines,” about a cop after a bank robber. Big mistake. Another rehash of Hollywood’s continual effort to portray police as corrupt, disloyal and willing to get leverage on other “good cops” in order to force them to steal drugs previously seized and stored in police evidence. Here, actor Ray Liotta reprises his frequent role as a scumbag cop.

This film is despicable, without any positive or redeeming qualities, denigrating of stable family life, and glamorizing drug use and profane language by teenagers.

The truth is the vast majority of police officers are honest, dedicated and, just as all of our military heroes, should be positive role models for all children. The reason I enjoy my job as a deputy prosecuting attorney is the ability to work on cases with outstanding law enforcement officers. These public servants allow you and your families to live and work in a safe environment.

Support the men and women who protect all of us. I’ll stick with TCM. More time with my pets, and the popcorn and pop is cheaper.

Jim Reierson



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