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Fri., June 28, 2013, midnight

Parking meters too much

What else can we do to make your visit to the Spokane downtown area more miserable? This is the latest question on the Spokane City Council agenda. Big Brother parking meters?

Signaling the parking meter gestapo when the meter runs out. Zeroing out the meter when a car leaves the spot. Then not using the funds to repair the streets of the downtown area, which are long overdue for resurfacing. They are an embarrassment.

I refuse to send my out-of-town and Canadian friends into the downtown area for fear of the damage their vehicle may encounter on the city streets.

Do you think possibly the reason no one else in the country has tried these meters is because they truly value the patronage of their citizens? If you welcome the people, the dollars will follow.

Denny Soller

Spokane Valley

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