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Singer not so surly

“Surly staff, poor selection, high prices, terrible quality.” Most of us have chuckled at the marquee sign at Dutch’s Music. Here’s my Gary Singer customer service story:

Several years ago, a Sacajawea Middle School trumpet player became distraught when he dropped and broke his trumpet while waiting with his band for the Junior Lilac Parade to begin. As a chaperone, it occurred to me that we might be able to borrow a trumpet from the nearby Dutch’s music store.

Armed only with band director Patrick Shamblin’s business card, three moms sprinted to the store and were relieved when Gary Singer quickly brought out and handed over a trumpet. We were able to put the instrument in the student’s hands with barely seconds to spare. Later, the student’s mother reported how awesome Gary was in arranging a longer-term trumpet agreement, since her son’s original trumpet was beyond repair.

That same student, Curtis Balogh, is now a music student at University of Idaho, and has performed with the Spokane Youth Orchestra as well.

It’s nice to connect people like Gary and his “surly staff” with the success of our kids.

Nadine Timm



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