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Sun., March 3, 2013

Fagan an embarrassment

I felt compelled to write to express my disappointment, shock and disgust at Mike Fagan’s comment regarding the governor. Whether a Democrat, Republican, independent, tea partyer or citizen, no one deserves that disrespectful and, frankly, very unprofessional and immature comment.

I’m not sure how he can look his children in the eye and explain to them how those hateful words were respectful, or how those words follow the Golden Rule of treating others the way you would want to be treated. The fact that he “thinks” he wasn’t speaking as a Spokane city councilperson is laughable.

I’m not sure how you ever separate the person from the position when it comes to politics, and the fact that he isn’t apologizing simply reiterates my points. He is an embarrassment to our city.

Mary Macri


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