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Recall or retire

I remember working with Mike Fagan many years ago. I found him to be a hard-working and passionate guy. Very good qualities. However, I feel his latest tirade about our governor is clearly over the line. It is so partisan, not to mention a bit childish. His comments were more fitting to a junior high playground conversation than a rational discourse/discussion.

This behavior represents what is so wrong with our government today. Our framers provided us a mechanism toward self-governance that requires an open mind, an enlightened and tolerant heart, and a willingness to compromise and work things out for the best. It should be a willingness to put others in front of self or ego.

I urge the City Council to begin the recall process that is outlined in Section 8.5 of the City Charter.

I remember my dad telling me that our speech should always be considered carefully and we should ask ourselves, “Would you use such language in front of your grandmother?” It’s OK to care deeply about the issues, but that should not cloud our judgment or character.

Mike, take a much-needed vacation and retire. It would be the best for everyone.

Will Olson



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