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Sat., March 23, 2013

How to explain discrimination?

Regarding “Case could impact country clubs across nation” by Shawn Vestal (March 20). Because of discriminatory practices by the Spokane Country Club, plaintiffs Drusilla Hieber and Nancy Van Noy are asking the court to, in their attorney Mary Schultz’s words, “step in and force the Spokane Country Club to ‘desegregate’ its practices and culture.” The club has already paid out more than a half million dollars in damages to four female members of the club.

How does a father tell his wife and daughters he does not want them entitled to full rights and membership in a club even if they pay full share? For that matter, how does a husband and father justify membership in a church or organization that denies full membership and participation by his wife and daughters? How does a dad defend this practice to his daughter’s brothers? Heads up, big guys.

Mothers Day is Sunday, May 12, and Fathers Day is June 16. Some of you got some ’splainin’ to do.

Jim Mahoney


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