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Sat., March 23, 2013

Workers weren’t working

I had occasion recently to be downtown. I parked on South Howard Street between the railroad tracks and Second Avenue. I noticed the cart of a traffic enforcement officer parked in one of the parking spaces, but he was across the street chatting with the fellow that drains the coins from the meters.

Twenty-five minutes later as I left my appointment, I noticed that the two were still chatting it up across the street from the cart with the flashing lights. I got in my car and went around the block, and they were still in the same spot. I asked if perhaps they should be doing what we are paying them to do. The response was a very angry, “We are working – and we’ve only been here five minutes!”

I know this is not representative of all city workers, quite the contrary. I recently had occasion to call City Hall and not only received a very courteous response, but this employee said she wasn’t sure, but would check and call me back. She did, and I complimented her for her courtesy and responsiveness.

Too bad just a few city workers can undermine the great work of most others.

Keith LaMotte


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