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Drop nasty Ramirez

I have always understood that editorials and editorial cartoons were meant to endorse a particular position or politician, or to criticize the position or actions of another party or politician. On March 18, Lisa Benson likened the election process of a new pope to our stalemate in Washington, D.C., while Clay Bennett criticized the GOP as rebranding its old ideas to bring new converts into the party. All pretty standard fare, and it gets their point across.

Michael Ramirez, however, makes no point in his cartoon except to show his hatred for our president. Cartoons such as this are not funny; they’re simply vile and contribute nothing to the discussion except red meat for Obama haters. The Spokesman-Review can do better than this.

It’s time to drop Ramirez and replace him with a conservative cartoonist who can make a point without being so obviously nasty.

Jim Boggs



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