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Fri., May 3, 2013, midnight

Background checks illogical

I just know that out there, somewhere among Spokesman-Review readers, there is someone who can explain how one of those miraculous background checks – a mental, physical, psychological, criminal record background check – could have prevented the Sandy Hook schoolhouse shooter from indulging in his murderous rampage. Legislators and all manner of supposedly educated citizens have insisted this is the needed remedy but have not revealed the logical link.

Such questioning might have stymied the Aurora, Colo., theater shooter, if it had revealed his disordered state of mind, and if the relevant public health officials had been notified, and if they had dared to take the steps needed to limit his freedom of action against the wishes of misguided, self-appointed personal privacy watchdogs.

And how would background checks apply to murderous urban crime gangs and drug dealers, who obtain firearms primarily by theft or purchase from others of their ilk?

Harassing law-abiding citizens who wish to own guns just because they are harmless and non-threatening (i.e., easy targets who like to own guns, and possibly National Rifle Association members as well) may be psychically rewarding, but does nothing to reduce criminal acquisition and use of firearms.

Leonard Johnson

Moscow, Idaho

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