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Bad side of ignorance

In response to “Bad side of liberalism” (May 6): This letter to the editor is a good example of the difference between nonsense and ignorance. Jay Logan’s exclamation, “If all the voters had known all that the left was trying to push down everyone’s throat with this last referendum, it (the same-sex marriage proposition) would not have passed,” is a good example of nonsense. His statement that “discrimination really means choice” constitutes an excellent example of ignorance.

The former is a baseless hypothetical while the later is a basic misconception. “Choice” has to do with preference, while “discrimination” concerns a ground of preference. Logan’s confusion in this matter is what underlies the error he makes in equating an individual’s right to choose, and a business or government right to discriminate.

Under our U.S. Constitution and laws, it is a crime to generically and institutionally disadvantage anyone on the basis of race, sex, age, religion and ethnicity. Logan is, nevertheless, in no way constrained to like this. That is his choice.

Peter Grossman