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Sun., May 19, 2013, midnight

Focus on real issues

Enough Benghazi, IRS targeting and news about bombing suspects. Let’s talk issues relevant to the welfare of American citizens. IRS flagging the “right” isn’t worthy news. Real news publicizes the ratio of audits between wealthy to us: 1 to 47. It seems that deaths in an ambassador’s office are more relevant than the daily annihilation of military and civilian lives. Our issues are ones of fairness regulations, lobbying, loopholes, jobs and a system that raises the top 1 percent by 300 times that of working class, not sexual drama.

Our country is losing democracy, and we get trivial news to sidetrack vital concerns. Masses worry about being able to support themselves and families, and our Congress sits on its hands. We get email on what is being attempted, but have no hope of anything getting done to help us.

The wealthy dominate Congress. Representatives get richer, and we get poorer. Taxes and cuts are a middle-class problem. Jobs for Americans get talked about but go where work is cheap and with no safety regulations.

It’s time for the workers, retired and jobless to get active and vote people out that are in. We need transparency in news coverage.

Linda Bauer


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