November 8, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Future is worrisome


At 79, I know all powerful countries and great civilizations eventually decline, sometimes disappear. I have thought about our country and how it will recede into the annals of history. The little people might revolt because the political power and wealth of the nation are controlled by a very small, elite, super-rich group. Anarchy results from an inability to create viable leadership. Another possibility: The military initiates a coup because officers are fearful the most powerful military/industrial complex the world has ever known is crumbling.

Events over the past several years lead me to think it will be the result of a collapse of our national financial strength. The Wall Street/mortgage crisis brought our nation to its knees. The past two weeks, our country came close to intentionally not meeting its financial obligations, which would have led to our demise as the most trusted banker/nation in the world.

These close calls were caused by a very small number of individuals, which is scary. In one case, a group secretly and destructively manipulated the world derivatives markets. In the other, a group of anarchists masqueraded as responsible politicians, assisted by wealthy backers and, visibly, by the representative from the 5th Congressional District of Washington.

Ron Johns


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