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Power to the states

If there is anything the government shutdown has taught us, it should be that what the federal government does should be done by the states instead. Why do we have federal land in the states? Why not allow the states to tax and regulate us locally instead of the feds?

Imagine this: The states administer the social programs, parks, roads, laws; you name it. The federal government would then have its constitutionally mandated obligations that the states would pay for according to their populations. If your state wants to be a welfare state, then by all means go ahead, but only your state’s taxes could be used to pay for it. Want to be a free state instead? Congratulations, less taxes.

We could close Washington, D.C. Why do we need to have a central location for our government to operate? Why not force our senators and representatives to stay in their own states and districts? After all, they work for us, not the other way around. I think they have forgotten that. That would also mean all the lobbyists would have to visit every district to lobby our representatives.

Wouldn’t this give the people more power over our government?

Rob Leach



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