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Learn from Whidbey

I just learned Spokane County has a Proposition 1 to save Fairchild Air Force Base from encroachment. Considering recent litigation – and threats of further litigation – by Central Whidbey residents regarding noisy Naval Air Station Whidbey Island flight operations that they encroached on, I hope voters please approve Spokane County’s Proposition 1.

Why? If Rich Watson (“No tax to save base,” Oct. 4) wants to truly “commend the county for trying to be proactive,” then please give Spokane County the funding to actually be proactive.

Alternatively, accumulative bad land-use policies result in bases such as NAS Whidbey Island in 1991 being placed on Base Realignment and Closure Commission lists. The Whidbey community even had to suffer through some of its own citizens testifying at the 1991 BRAC hearings for air station closure. Ultimately, I write to prevent Whidbey’s land-use military airport versus civilian housing crisis from repeating around Fairchild AFB.

Please Spokane County, learn from our crisis and pass Proposition 1.

Joe Kunzler

Sedro-Woolley, Wash.


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