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Sun., Oct. 27, 2013, midnight

Get over it, ACA opponents

Shawn Vestal’s Oct. 11 article on the Republicans’ denial in the cause and effect of the government shutdown was masterful. He very simply exposed the hypocrisy of the GOP’s stance on the government shutdown and the role our own Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers played in it.

I am sure that the representative has heard from some of her constituents about their dislike of the Affordable Care Act. According to McMorris Rodgers, everywhere she goes in Eastern Washington she hears that “Obamacare is making life harder for everyday Americans.” Really? In the first week of the Washington Health Benefit exchange 10,000 applications were completed; 10,000 people that will now be able to access affordable health care.

Just to educate our representative, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and has been upheld as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Our representative and those that were willing to crash our economic recovery with the cry to defund Obamacare need to do what I used to tell my children when they were young and having difficulty accepting reality: Get over it.

Flora Goldstein


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