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Mon., Oct. 28, 2013, midnight

Re-elect stand-up guy

Of interest to me is that my Re-Elect Jon Snyder sign has been stolen from my front yard on our busy street. My reasons for having a public sign (supposedly protected by my right to free speech) for Snyder are many.

He is a stand-up guy, with whom you might disagree yet have conversations and offer your perspective. He is forward-thinking with regards to the future of not just Spokane proper, but the entire basin. He is honest and gentle, yet firm in his opinions and stances with regards to use of natural resources, improving the life of the poor and disadvantaged, the mentally ill, and the drug- and alcohol-affected and what I call the “Community of Other.”

I am proud to vote for him, and urge your consideration of a vote for the future, not maintaining the past.

John Olsen


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