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Thanks, Obama

Thanks, Obama!

“Thanks, Obama” videos are the latest fad on YouTube. Some videos are of critics, thanking President Barack Obama for ruining the country, while others are thanking him for ruining their lives.

I would also like to thank Obama. Thank you for standing up for human rights; thank you for caring and fighting for those cannot defend themselves against chemical weapons; thank you for understanding that the United States cannot involve itself in another war right now, but also that it does not take U.S. troops in Syria to save Syrian lives.

Recently, other critics have been voicing their opinions on how the president is handling the Syrian crisis. Some critics demand wartime action, while others urge the U.S. to turn a blind eye. I believe that the U.S. can do neither and that the president had called for a feasible form of action: a limited airstrike.

We, the American people, cannot stand by as defenseless people are murdered by those who swore to protect them. We also cannot let the world watch the most powerful nation in existence sit on its hands while the very rights it was founded upon are being obliterated. We cannot let the innocent die.

Rachel Scott

Spokane Valley


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