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Drive-by hurts Logan

Following the developing news of McDonald’s moving into the Logan neighborhood disturbs me. In the 10 years I worked in the Logan neighborhood, the residential area decreased and the business and industry development expanded. No neighborhood thrives when it becomes a drive-by/drive-through location for others.

A working-class community doesn’t have the power that high-income – read well-connected – folks in other Spokane neighborhoods accept as their right. Privilege is more accurate.

The result of a drive-through in the Logan neighborhood will benefit McDonald’s primarily. Logan residents face increased traffic, including physical danger to children, pollution, noise and exhaust, with little economic benefit to the local neighborhood and, possibly, an increase in crime.

I am in full support of the neighborhood. I have already contacted the local McDonald’s corporate office to express my objections. I hope others join in the objection to this latest encroachment in the historic Logan community.

Elaine Tyrie


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