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Thu., April 17, 2014

Need a return to morals

What’s all the fuss about kids bullying each other? Isn’t that what we’ve been teaching them for the last 75 years or so?

You know, we substituted Darwin for Jesus and pretended that was progress. Can we really be surprised when our kids take the sole Darwinian moral axiom “survival of the fittest” to its logical conclusion? Even President Obama bullies anyone who disagrees with him. And Putin bullies Obama.

Although most Americans still maintain high ethical standards, there are increasing numbers for whom moral considerations don’t even register. When foolish philosophies place the individual as judge and jury at their own trial, there won’t be many convictions.

Have you ever played a game where players changed rules as they went along? How long did you continue playing?

As a society, we’ve been doing a terrible job transferring meaningful moral standards to our kids. There is a huge difference between a person who won’t do stuff because in their heart they know it’s wrong and someone whose only concern is getting caught. We need a return to traditional values, but how to get there is a question only Jesus can answer.

Tom Frisque

Usk, Wash.

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