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Sun., April 27, 2014

All viewpoints reveal truth

Most of us have heard the age-old axiom “there are two sides to every story.” If that’s true, then one or the other, or both stories, are false. While there may be two or more sides to a story, there is only one truth.

Lately, we have been provided with only one viewpoint on many issues concerning us, as citizens, within our mainstream media, as well as this and many other so-called newspapers.

Only in the editorial and letters section do we have the opportunity to read different viewpoints. Often, those different and/or opposing viewpoints are dismissed as “tired rhetoric,” “hate speech,” “racially motivated,” “extremist,” “lies,” etc. This dismissal of opposing views is also trumpeted by the Democrats in our federal government.

My point is, were we to be provided with all sides of the story, there would be a greater chance that we might hear the truth.

Don Hood

Spokane Valley

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