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Stealing is stealing

The smoke screen business model is used successfully by Cliven Bundy to withhold payment of debt to the American people. Riding a horse, carrying a bigger-than-life American flag and looking much the same as Roy Rogers does not make it acceptable for anyone to not pay their bills.

When we learn of one wealthy rancher refusing to pay his debt to the federal government for cattle grazing on federal land, one must ask the question: How many others are doing something similar? When Bundy pays his bill, he pays us. He has used your land and mine to add to his personal wealth.

Our conversations do not include that this kind of non-payment debt by him and others like him (proud Americans) does contribute to our national debt. I agree, if we cannot hold all debtors responsible and accountable then, yes, our government is too big to manage itself.

Are there any sanctions that we can put in place to coax payment out of Bundy, such as in the case of Russian President Vladimir Putin? Both exhibit the same behavior: Stealing is stealing.

Elizabeth Williams

Chewelah, Wash.


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