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Look to technology

How many more children have to suffer an agonizing slow death in hot cars before we find a foolproof way to prevent this terrible tragedy? Year after year we are horrified by infants suffering a terrible death in this fashion.

I submit that with our technology, there must be a way to bypass forgetful adults that forget children strapped into their car seat and left to die in the back seat. Some sort of alarm that will remind parents that their child is still in the vehicle? Perhaps a pressure alarm built into the infant car seat? Maybe an alarm to alert an adult when the internal vehicle temperature exceeds a preset temperature.

I understand that people have memory lapses, or are preoccupied with other matters and how a sleeping child can be overlooked and forgotten, but surely there is an inventor out there that can invent something so that this annual tragedy can be averted.

Barry Hobbs

Spokane Valley


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