Letters to the Editor

THURSDAY, AUG. 7, 2014

Present both sides

A July 18 letter writer stated a seven-year barrage of 12,000 rockets has terrorized 1 million Israeli citizens. However, he neglected to say how many bombs and missiles responded to those rockets. If one judges the number today, 100 rockets have been fired from Gaza while over 2,000 bombs have been dropped on Gaza by the Israelis.

Yes, rockets – with no guidance systems, cause fright. However, there should be verification of the damage these rockets are creating other than just the one that hit a service station causing it to burn.

Compare the fright to when bombs destroy homes, restaurants, apartment blocks, emergency centers and water and electric supplies not to mention killing over 700 people.

Yes, the Palestinians are warned, some even receive phone calls addressing the occupants by name, telling them to leave their home because it is to be bombed. But unlike the Israelis who have bomb shelters, the Palestinians have none. So where are they to go?

The writer who was identified as a “Jew for peace” is right on.

Karma Williamson


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