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Sladich is right

Harry Sladich is right. He is an expert hotelier. He provided his professional opinion. Businesses and governments regularly hire subject-matter experts for professional opinions. It is interesting at how many will attack someone expressing their point of view but would holler bloody murder if their own rights of free speech were impinged.

It may or may not be that a new hotel is needed in Spokane. I do not have a dog in this fight, but frankly, I do not see any new hotel, regardless of whose signature series it is, drawing additional travelers to Spokane. I do see that adding more rooms could dilute other local hotels, jeopardizing them and the jobs they provide. It is a shift, not an addition.

How many of our current hotels are at maximum occupancy year-round? The local hospitals fight like cats and dogs when trying to justify adding hospital beds and are required to create a community certificate of need. Why are hotels different?

Many politicians love rubbing elbows with monied power brokers like Walt Worthy. Do ours have equal appreciation for proven community partners like Red Lion, who choose to have their corporate headquarters located in Spokane?

Ron Weaks