Letters to the Editor

FRIDAY, AUG. 15, 2014

View forecasts skeptically

Two of life’s certainties: No one likes a Monday morning quarterback, and weather forecasts are frequently inaccurate.

The Aug. 2 forecast from the National Weather Service mentioned isolated thunderstorms. A powerful storm struck that day.

I have become used to tracking bad weather by going directly to the NWS Spokane and monitoring (1) Doppler radar, and (2) satellite to decide whether it is safe to venture out on the water, or if our home will be threatened.

A video of Lake Roosevelt on the site pictured bobbing boats and mentioned a poker fun that might involve drinking. Was there cellphone coverage on that part of the lake?

Always look at the weather forecast and err on the conservative side. I hope no one was killed or seriously injured. Sudden storms are common in the Inland Northwest.

Andy Thompson


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