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Tue., Aug. 19, 2014, midnight

Arfee coverage overdone

One full column on Page One (Aug. 15), followed by two more near-full columns in the “From the Front Page” section. Really! Three Arfee columns needed to update us on the on-going canine homicide investigation reportedly stalled to a significant degree by Arfee’s own master lawyering up and not allowing access to the scene of the crime?

Meanwhile, Ukrainian crisis involving hundreds, maybe thousands dead is buried on page three. Coverage of violence following the shooting of a young man in Ferguson is tucked in on page 12; and a total of three inches of coverage dedicated to progress in the Israel-Hamas war is used solely to spackle in the small gap remaining above the continued in-depth coverage of Arfee on page 14. (Incidentally, the coverage of Israel-Palestine wasn’t continued from the front page).

Let’s let Arfee rest in peace, or at least let us rest in peace.

Tom Tracy


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