August 23, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Republican should get seat


I have reviewed the candidates for Spokane City Council. None are conservative, pro-business, fiscally conservative or Republican. It doesn’t “help people” – Julie Griffith’s goal – or provide jobs to be anti-growth. Adrian Dominguez seems to care more about data than the people he is supposed to represent. Kitty Klitzke’s anti-growth, anti-business, pro-fish career is legendary.

Like the others, Eric Iannelli is unknown in the politically engaged Republican Party community, where people spend long hours participating in our republic: It is not a “democracy,” as Iannelli says it is. It would be nice if bureaucrat Karen Stratton had a track record of actively – as a citizen – helping make our neighborhoods safe.

None of these candidates represents the conservative, pro-business, fiscally conservative Republican-leaning community that elected Steve Salvatori. None should be chosen to replace him. As a Spokane citizen and taxpayer, I protest these nominations.

Please do your job responsibly and go back into committee and give to us some viable candidates for this important position.

Cindy Zapotocky


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