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Sat., Feb. 1, 2014

Walk forward, continue dream

What’s the matter with all you people of Spokane? Yes, there were 1,000 in attendance at the Martin Luther King Jr. March, and I thank you. But, I have a dream.

What’s the matter with all you black and white folks, the tribes, Latinos and Asians out there? Don’t you feel it worth your while to show support for people working for social change?

I have a dream. All the hard-working organizations that are involved with peace, justice, education, health and overcoming barriers will join together for next year’s MLK Day March and gathering. We will come together on this day to show the rest of the country what unity and common purpose is all about. We will join hands working toward our common goals.

As the Rev. Carolyn Gordon urged at the march, now is the time to “walk it off,” as in, “whatever is keeping you from your dream, name it and walk it off.” We need to work together for change if we are going to move forward folks.

I have a dream that I’m walking forward and I’ll be calling.

Debbie Stempf


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