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Tue., Feb. 4, 2014, midnight

Facade of nice is gone

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers addressed the nation with the official Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union. She did a good job of saying absolutely nothing except alluding to “they have plans,” and then distorting an example of health care reform (Bette in Spokane). My hat is off to The Spokesman-Review for following up and revealing the truth, not McMorris Rodgers’ version.

McMorris Rodgers is very quick to point out that she is very concerned about the economic well-being of middle- and lower-income families, retirees and women in her district, and is doing everything she can to help them.

For the record: She voted for cuts to Medicaid and Medicare; against health care reform, against cost-saving measures in the health insurance industry; for cuts to Social Security; against food for children and the disabled; against protecting women from violence and unequal pay; against access to contraceptives; and, finally, she voted against extending unemployment benefits.

Remember this at election time. The nice little farm girl is long gone. The facade is not working anymore.

Gary Hayden


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