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Sat., Feb. 15, 2014, midnight

Dig deeper, be informed

Every teacher fights the battle of the lazy student. We are taught that our best effort, as we seek information about our world, comes from varied sources. Papers we wrote in school required a varied list of references showing where our information came from.

The pattern of our best effort as adults has not lost its importance. It requires effort to change the channel often, to be open to hearing what is said, and effort to read the whole newspaper. We must require further information gathering of ourselves. If we do not, we are satisfied with letting others take care of us and decide what is best for us to know.

Since first voting for president in 1972, the political gaming of presidents (dictators) from both parties has included bypassing Congress to get work completed. If we do not perform our job duties, we are accountable and responsible.

All elected people work for us. They are accountable and responsible. We are all equals.

I urge all voting Americans to remember what a teacher taught you about your best effort. Fight the conditioning to be lazy. Dig deeper for more sources of information.

Elizabeth Williams


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