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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 19, 2014

Count on yourself

It looks like Robert Archer has finally grown up. He is the Shadle Park High School teacher who wrote (Feb. 15) that he is tired of being told how “noble,” “underappreciated” and “underpaid” he is as a teacher. Apparently, he just wants someone to show him the money.

I am also tired of our leaders’ constant lies.

“It’s all for the children,” except when we promote generational theft by stealing from and taxing the future to line our pockets today.

“We’re the richest country in the world,” except that we borrow or print more than $1 trillion a year to keep everything rolling. And we’re not even spending that wisely.

“We support the troops,” except that our veterans are neglected and made to navigate a gantlet of requirements to get the benefits they are owed.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

The bottom line is that you cannot trust the words of our leaders. Each of us must be responsible for our own destiny and happiness. Society has decided that short-term distractions are the answer. Unfortunately, we do not have the leadership that is required to make the long term successful.

God help us all.

Rich Zywiak


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