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Party difference stark

I am encouraged by the numbers of letters harshly criticizing Republicans. I am not a Democrat, but an anti-Republican. The negative effects from Republicans in government far outweigh the benefits of Democrats in office.

I’ve heard it said many times there isn’t much difference between the two parties. I would like to give an example that makes the difference crystal clear. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court passed the Citizens United ruling that money is speech. This allows corporations to fund elections without limitations. Please take time to give thought to how this will affect our most cherished democratic process. The five Republican court appointees approved the ruling, as the four Democrat appointees voted against. I can’t think of any example that better illustrates the differences between the parties.

Probably the most difficult task of government is to protect the masses from exploitation by the rich and powerful. It’s too easy for an elected official to ignore his constituents as he or she is lavished with expensive favors. Any wonder we have a widening gap between the ultra-rich and the rest of us?

Donald Daw



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