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Mandate responsibility

I grieve for this country because of those who are unhappy with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case. All Americans should embrace liberty – the agency of individuals to civilly govern themselves. Providing health insurance is a form of compensation to an employee, as is a salary or wage, vacation time, sick leave, etc.

If an applicant for employment can’t negotiate the compensation he or she wants, the applicant is free to decline the position. Employers deserve liberty, too. Society infringes on liberty when it dictates the compensation an employer must offer and an employee must accept.

To mandate birth control of every form and by every means – even government coercion – is the solution imagined by those who want an impossible equality between men and women. It isn’t fair that a man can walk away from a pregnancy, yet a woman cannot. However, it is reality.

Instead of forcing solutions that infringe on liberty, let us accept physical reality and teach personal responsibility for one’s actions. Women need to be protected from forced sex and taught that they are free to choose the most effective and least costly form of birth control – abstinence. Mandate responsibility by both sexes.

Duncan Bean

Spokane Valley


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