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Sun., July 13, 2014

Accountability needed

Regardless of the political party you support, our politicians are hurting our country.

Why are they allowing other countries to send their people across our border, then busing and flying them to different parts of the United States? The states are having financial problems without any additional burdens.

Why are government employees receiving bonuses for the job they are hired to do? If they don’t do a good job, they should be fired.

Why did we send back the five worst terrorists from Guantanamo Bay? We let them dictate what they wanted. Why did we lose four American lives in the Benghazi consulate? Someone should be held responsible for not giving them support.

Why does our Internal Revenue Service have missing emails? This couldn’t be by accident. Why do we keep printing money? Our money used to be the basis of currency in the world. Stop spending wastefully.

We need accountability to save our country.

Joe Schauble


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